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Jessica Benson
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Birthday: October 4, 1986
Birth Place: Severn, Maryland
Birth Name: Jessica Nicole Benson

Jessica Nicole Benson(Libra, born October 4, 1986) was born in Severn, Maryland. Chosen from hundreds who auditioned to join 3LW, Benson was discovered at a Washington, D.C. audition, the final try out following sessions in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. She made her public debut as a member of the group over the weekend at the Soul Train Awards in Pasadena, California.
"Just a few weeks ago I was just a high school student with dreams of a professional music career and now it's happening so quickly," Benson said in a statement. "I'm so happy that Kiely and Adrienne have so fully embraced me and are teaching me the ropes of how to handle this hectic, fast paced life." Although officially a member of the group, Benson will continue her high school studies in Maryland

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